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Kuza Cave + Voodoo Cave

Kuza Cave + Voodoo Cave

from $40 /person
3-4 hours
Min. age: 2
Kuza Cave + Voodoo Cave

Kuza Cave is recognized as a sacred place to the forefathers of Jambiani residents. The ancient limestone cave was formed about 250,000 years ago by thousands of years of water erosion that created secret underground rivers and pools.

Swimming in the healing mineral waters is an unforgettable experience.

The villagers come to Voodoo Cave to pray and burn incense as they think the incense calls the spirits to them and that they can influence them with prayers and sacrifices if someone is sick, if they want to change things or just get better luck.

There have been found human and animal bones from 2000 BC along with some food preparation utensils.

What is included?
Entrance fee
Snorkeling with full-face mask
Tour guide