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Village Tour

Village Tour

from $25 /person
3-4 hours
Min. age: 1
Village Tour

Your tour guide will be Adam, 17 years boy living in Jambiani with his grandparents. Meeting new people and showing them his daily life is his hobby and passion.

On this tour you will be able to see daily life and activities of village people.

First you visit women who are always seen at the beach and seaweed plantation. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to walk in to Adam’s house, see their rooms, kitchen and to meet his grandmother.

You will see locals climbing coconut trees and you will try to do coconut products like coconut milk or coconut rope.

In the second part of the tour you will visit primary and secondary schools to understand more their local education, afterwards hospital where you can face the reality of low medical support in villages like Jambiani.

Enjoy your time getting more knowledge about Jambiani and remember all the money from this tour go to our local community to support Jambiani Village school and to arrange clean drinking water for locals.

What is included?
Local fruits & water
Tour guide