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Sunset boat cruise in Michamvi

Sunset boat cruise in Michamvi

from $42 /person
3-4 hours
Min. age: 4
Sunset boat cruise in Michamvi

About 30 min drive from hotel, you will board a boat, which will take you into Chwaka Bay. Michamvi is one of the best place on the eastern coast of Zanzibar, where you can experience the sun setting into the ocean waters.

Spend an evening admiring ever changing sky. From the hues of orange, to almost tangerine or the kind of dyed pomegranate pink. See how the sun is settling down, surrounded by the cotton-candy clouds with a glimpse of sun’s golden rays climbing up and down through the sky.

It is one of those moments, which should not be missed.

What is included?
Local fruits and water
Sunset boat cruise