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Cheetah’s Rock Wildlife Rescue Center

Cheetah’s Rock Wildlife Rescue Center

from $150 /person
8 hours
Min. age: 15
Cheetah’s Rock Wildlife Rescue Center

Founded in 2014, Cheetah’s Rock started as a small rescue center for wild animals and has grown ever since. Now there are animals as large as 300kg Aslan, the white lion, as small as bush babies and anything between. Their skilled and caring team, work tirelessly to give all the animals a loving home as well as the perspective of a later release into the wild whenever this is possible. With your visit you are supporting the center, so that they can continue rescuing wild animals and giving them the best life that they can have.

Cheetah’s Rock offers 3 tour options through which you can experience a unique wildlife and support the sanctuary:

The Great Wildlife Tour
Feel the fur of a cheetah and the breath of lions, feed lemurs, zebras, monkeys, bush babies and more. On this educational 4-hour experience, you will meet some of the rarest and most beautiful animals on earth.

VIP Otter Experience
Swim and play with incredibly cute rescued otters in this exclusive event. The otter crew: Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, Captain Blackbeard and Bloody Mary invite you to their pirate bay!

Combined Tour
Prepare yourself for a magical and memorable full-day adventure. Starting at 9.30am, you will first swim and play with the otters, followed by a lunch (not included) in a nearby 5*hotel. Afterwards, you will get to experience the wonders of nature on the Great Wildlife Tour.

What is included?
Tour guides
What you need to take?
Wear shorts or trousers and shoes