Blue Safari for water enthusiasts

Blue Safari for water enthusiasts Zanzibar is definitely one of the most compact, exotic destinations you can choose for your long-awaited vacation. It is an island of many faces, offering a variety of activities for each and every one of you, visitors. Among the list, you will find a Blue Safari tour, which is a must go for all of …

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Zanzibar. Kitesurfers paradise

Zanzibar. Kitesurfers paradise In recent years you might have noticed an upcoming trend of kitesurfing trips or courses in Zanzibar. Dare to say, it became an almost all year round kitesurfing mecca and by arriving here you will not have single doubt why. The perfect scenery of white sand beaches and turquoise water makes riding and flying much more pleasant …

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Giant turtles from Seychelles on Prison Island

Giant turtles from SeychElles on PRison Island Being in Zanzibar, it is not difficult to feel the difference in the pace of life of the Westerner and the native inhabitants. Calm and lack of haste reflects in the language itself, where the phrase “pole, pole“, or “quietly, slowly” is felt by all visitors, and the best example of this approach are …

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